Thursday, December 24, 2015

Fatal Accident on Highway 93

Highway 93 -

On December 23, 2015 at 10:26 PM, Pinion Pine Engine 523 and Rescue 525 were dispatched to a head on vehicle accident, pickup vs. semi on Highway 93 near mile marker 108 southbound. While responding, Engine 523 requested an air ambulance, Care Flight 14 out of Kingman airport was activated with a 20 minute ETA to the scene. Engine 523 arrived on the scene to find a semi on its side down an embankment and a pickup on the shoulder, on its roof with heavy damage. E523 crew began triaging three patients, two patients with minor injuries and a third victim still in the pickup who was deceased on arrival. E523 canceled Care Flight and Rescue 525 continued patient care. AMR transported both patients by ground to an area hospital in stable condition.


According to the passenger of the pickup, the vehicle he was in left the northbound lanes of travel for an unknown reason and crossed into oncoming traffic where it collided with a tractor trailer. The impact was hard enough to shear the bed of the pick up off of the cab. The official cause of the accident is being investigated by the Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol. Traffic control was provided by Arizona Department of Transportation and lane restrictions were present for roughly 4 hours.

Photos and Story by Captain Ron Hood, Pinion Pine Fire District

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Vehicle Accident Sends Two to the Hospital

Interstate 40 -

On October 14, 2015 around 9:20 pm, the Kingman Alarm Center began receiving multiple reports of a vehicle accident between mile markers 88 and 90 on Interstate 40 westbound which brought the response of Engine 513 and Chief 501. While in route, resources were advised per DPS, that extrication may be needed to remove one of the occupants from the vehicle. At this time, a care flight air ambulance was dispatched to the scene.

Engine 513 and Chief 501 arrived on scene to find a minivan on the shoulder with heavy damage to the front and front drivers side of the vehicle. Crews began patient care on two patients, one which was already out of the vehicle with lacerations to the arm and head. The second patient was in the vehicle, unconscious and unresponsive but was breathing adequately. Both patients were assessed, treated and transported to an area hospital by an AMR ground ambulance in stable condition with a fire department attendant. Extrication was not required to remove the patient from the vehicle.

For an unknown reason, the vehicle which was traveling westbound, struck the end cap of a median guardrail then traveled across both lanes of traffic and struck the guardrail on the shoulder. The cause of the accident is unknown and under investigation by the Arizona Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol. The Arizona Department of Transportation provided traffic control and the roadway was reduced to one lane of travel, with minor traffic delays initially.

Story by Captain Ron Hood, Pinion Pine Fire District
Photo by Firefighter Brett Nailor, Pinion Pine Fire District

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Engine 523 Returns Home From the Rough Fire

Sequoia/Kings Canyon Nat'l Park -

On Saturday September 26, 2015, E523 returned home from the Rough Fire. E523 was one of five type III wildland/interface engines in Arizona Strike Team 257C requested on September 10 to the rough fire which was burning on the Sierra Nat'l Forest, Sequoia Nat'l Forest and Sequoia/Kings Canyon Nat'l Park.

When Strike Team 257C arrived, the fire had already been burning for 41 days and had consumed 110,000 acres of forest. Strike Team 257C was quickly put to work near Sequoia Lake, plumbing nearly a half mile of hose on an existing half mile hose-lay and mopping up the fires edge. By day 3, the Strike Team was moved into the park and began assessing and mopping up around the Chicago Stump and throughout Converse Basin. The Chicago Stump is believed to be the largest Giant Sequoia ever to be cut.

Arizona Strike Team 257C checking the wrap on the Chicago Stump and testing the fire sprinklers

By day 7, Strike Team 257C was moved to Grant Grove and was tasked with patrolling and mopping up 5 miles of hose-lay, 200-1000 ft in from the line and would stay there for the remainder of their 14 day tour. The Grant Tree is the second largest tree in the world, standing 267 ft tall, a base diameter of 30 ft and is known as the "Nations Christmas Tree". The General Grant Tree is just under 1,800 years old.

E523 next to the General Grant Tree

By Day 14, The fire had grown to 144,000 acres and was 80 percent contained. On our departing day, the park was opened to the public for Kings Canyon Nat'l Parks 75th anniversary and Sequoia Nat'l Parks 125th anniversary.

Other agencies in Arizona Strike Team 257C included

Photos and Article by Captain Ron Hood, Pinion Pine Fire District

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Firefighters Respond to Person Trapped

Blake Ranch - 

On July 29th, 2015 at 11:58 AM, Pinion Pine firefighters were dispatched to the area of S Rease Rd cross of Hidden Valley Rd for a person trapped inside a trash truck. E523 arrived on scene roughly 20 minutes later to find a trash truck on the shoulder outside of a residence. Firefighters made contact with the patient who was laying down above the compactor unit of the trash truck with a dislocated right knee.

The patient stated the dumpster came off the lift into the compactor and was trying to correct the problem when he dislocated his knee and was unable to extricate himself from the compactor. It was immediately clear more man power would be needed so an additional unit was dispatched which brought the response of R525. Once AMR arrived on scene and provided the patient with much needed pain medication, the long task of getting the individual out of the truck began. Options were looked at and it was best determined to open the lift gate on the back of the vehicle and remove the patient on a back board over a fire ladder.

After roughly 15 minutes, the patient was safely on the ground at the rear of the vehicle where he was transported by ground to an area hospital with non life threatening injuries. The entire rescue took roughly 45 minutes to perform.

Photos by: Battalion Chief Danny Zandvliet, Pinion Pine Fire District
Story by: Captain Ron Hood, Pinion Pine Fire District

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Not Your Average Vehicle Accident

Interstate 40 -

On June 18, 2015 at 00:45 am, E523 was dispatched to mile marker 83 westbound on Interstate 40 for an unknown injury rollover accident. While responding, additional information was received that DPS was on scene, unsure if occupants were trapped at which time AMR launched a helicopter. E523 and AMR arrived on scene together and began assessing the situation. Crews had a SUV on its roof on the shoulder with extremely heavy damage to the roof.

Upon looking inside the vehicle, no patient was located but a large crinkle was present in the center of the roof, leading to a high suspicion that a patient was trapped under the vehicle. Rescue tools were deployed and the vehicle was raised on both sides, again with no patient contact. The effort was now placed on searching a deep ravine to the north with heavy brush in it, considering the probability of ejected occupants. Careflight 14 was utilized with their night vision and on board spotlight to scan the steep ravine for any signs of a patient. After roughly 20 minutes of searching, DPS received information that an RV hauling the SUV on a car dolly was at Blake Ranch Rd (Exit 66) on Interstate 40, reporting their vehicle became disconnected. At this time, on scene personnel learned no occupants were in the vehicle at all during the accident so all resources cleared the scene and returned to quarters.

Fire and EMS personnel were on scene for roughly 1 hour and no other injuries were reported. Interstate 40 remained open during the incident, ADOT provided traffic control on scene.

Story by Captain Ron Hood, Pinion Pine Fire District
Photos by Jen Ottenschot, AMR

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Auto-Aid Vehicle Accident on Interstate 40

Interstate 40 -

On May 27, 2015 around 4:10 PM, Kingman alarm began receiving 911 calls for a motor vehicle accident on Interstate 40 near mile marker 58 westbound. Initial reports indicated a head on type collision with a semi and U-haul truck which brought a mutli-agency rescue assignment consisting of two engines, two rescues and two chief officers.

Pinion Pine Engine 523 was the first arriving unit and advised of a pickup truck on its side and a tractor trailer, both on the shoulder and blocking the slow lane with heavy damage. The balance arrived and crews began checking for injuries and mitigating a fuel leak. The occupant of the semi was uninjured and refused medical care while the driver of the pickup was treated on scene for minor injuries and transported by ground to Kingman Regional Medical Center. No other injuries were reported.

The accident is being investigated by the Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol, although the driver of the pickup stated for an unknown reason, his vehicle traveling eastbound left the roadway, traveled through the median and struck the side of the semi trailer, ripping the tandem set of wheels out from under the trailer. Resources during the incident included E221, R235, Battalion 2 and FP 4 from the City of Kingman, Pinion Pine resources included E523, R525 and C501. Arizona DPS and ADOT provided traffic control.

Article by Captain Ron Hood
Photos by Captain Gail Jackson

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Semi Fire Causes Delays on Intertstate 40

Interstate 40 -

On May 20, 2015, around 8:48 AM, Pinion Pine firefighters were dispatched to mile marker 61 eastbound on Interstate 40 for a reported semi fire. This brought the response of one Engine and a Chief Officer. While in route, a large column was visible from Fire Station 52, at this time Battalion 5 requested a water tender from Kingman Fire Department. Once on scene, Battalion 5 advised of a semi on the shoulder roughly 50% involved with extension into the brush. A second Engine from Pinion Pine was dispatched while crews began fire operations as well as an engine from Kingman BLM. The fire was knocked down and a loader from the Arizona Department of Transportation overturned the vehicle to gain better access to the load on fire.

Truck load was strawberries
Crews remained on scene for roughly 2 hours to overhaul the fire, a Pinion Pine Rescue unit was dispatched for rehab and air support. During the incident, Interstate 40 was closed for roughly 45 minutes and reduced to the high speed lane for 3 hours once it was re-opened. The incident caused quiet the back up, extending over ten miles into the City of Kingman. The cause of the fire was undetermined, although the driver stated his refrigeration unit on the front of his trailer blew up and fire was everywhere. No injuries were reported during the incident.

This fire represents how invaluable our mutual aid agreements are with the City of Kingman as well as the other neighboring fire jurisdictions and we would like to acknowledge them for their assistance. These agreements allow us to maximize our manpower and provide for better public and firefighter safety when needed without taxing one organizations resources to its limits.

Agencies assisting on this incident included WT218 (Kingman), Battalion 2 (Kingman) and E3663 (Kingman BLM). Pinion Pine units included, E523, E521, R525 and Battalion 5. ADOT and DPS provided traffic control.

Article by Captain Ron Hood
Photos by Firefighter Sean Osterman

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Motorcycle Accident Causes Delays on Interstate 40

Interstate 40 -

On May 9, 2015 at 3:52 PM, Pinion Pine firefighters received an alarm for a motorcycle down near mile post 88 (Willow Creek) on Interstate 40 westbound. While responding, additional information was received that the patient had suffered some sort of leg trauma and that a bystander had placed a tourniquet on the patient. Careflight was notified and placed on standby at this time. Once the first arriving DPS officer arrived on scene and made patient contact, he determined the helicopter would be activated to the scene. Engine 523 and AMR arrived on scene, finding the rider lying in the slow lane. It was noticed the patient had received significant trauma to their left leg. That patient was placed in full C-Spine and assessment began. Careflight arrived on scene and flight crew began managing the injury while the patient was packaged for flight.

The patient was flown to Flagstaff, Az. The cause of the accident is unknown at this time and is being investigated by the Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol. The patient did say they struck the end cap of a guardrail with their lower leg and was ejected from the bike. Traffic was reduced to one lane for roughly 2 hours while crews worked and the scene was cleared. Interstate 40 was closed briefly twice while the helicopter landed and lifted off.

Article and Photo by Captain Ron Hood

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mutliple Agencies Assist in Brushfire

Willow Creek - 

On April 12, 2015 around 12:30 pm, Pinion Pine firefighters were dispatched to a smoke check in the area of Willow Creek off of exit 87 on Interstate 40. Additional information was obtained that the reported fire was roughly 8 miles north of the Interstate near the power lines. E513 arrived in the area confirmed smoke in the area. Once the crew arrived on scene they found what appeared to be two separate fires, roughly half a mile apart. Due to access issues, the limited resources on scene and the extreme potential, E513 requested an additional three type 6 engines, one helicopter and and ICT4.

That order was filled as
  • E3664 from Kingman BLM (T6)
  • A135 from Golden Valley (T6)
  • B526R from Pinion Pine (T6)
  • Division 803 from Mohave Valley (ICT4)
  • DPS Kingman Ranger (T3 helicopter)
  • Flagstaff 2-4 (AZSF AFMO)
BLM E3664 initially took over IC of the fire until Division 803 arrived on scene and had Ranger fly the fires to determine the number, size and rate of spread of the fires. Ranger reported 2 fires, both roughly 5 acres, with slow rate of spread burning in grass, brush and pinyon-juniper. Once Division 803 arrived, an order was made for a hand crew which was filled by Winslow 1.

Crews remained on scene for the next 2 days, assisting hand crews with mopping up and containment of both fires and monitored them during incoming red flag conditions. The two fires were mapped and recorded as 2.1 acres and 2.6 acres. Both fires were 100% contained by 4/15/2015. A fire investigator was dispatched to the scene and was unable to determine the cause of the fire.

Article and Photos by Captain Ron Hood

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pinion Pine Firefighter Begins 800 Mile Walk for Pancreatic Cancer

Route 66 -

On January 3, 2015, Pinion Pine firefighter Anthony Leach began his 800 mile walk, raising awareness and money to help combat pancreatic cancer.

In early December, Anthony lost a close loved one to pancreatic cancer and since has been preparing for a remarkable journey. Anthony has decided to walk Historic Route 66 from the California-Arizona border to the Texas-New Mexico border. His trip is roughly 800 miles and will be done solely on foot. His trip will take approximately 3 months to complete with a goal of averaging 25 miles per day. Anthony is an extremely athletic individual who regularly participates in ultra marathons and trail running events.

During his trip, Anthony will be promoting, an organization dedicated to the research for pancreatic cancer. He has set up a few sites for donations, listed below.

Raising Karma - 800 Miles for Pancreatic Cancer
Go Fund Me - 800 Mile Walk for Cancer
Facebook - 800 Miles for Pancreatic Cancer

Day 1 near Golden Shores, Az
Anthony's progress will be tracked by family and the Fire District via GPS and we will be giving regular updates on his progress as they come in. You can also track his journey via his Facebook page listed above. We wish Anthony a safe and enjoyable experience!

Story by Captain Ron Hood, Pinion Pine Fire District

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Storm Creates Havok

New Years Winter Storm -

On New Years Eve morning, just as our wild winter storm began to dump inches of snow in our area, the calls began flooding into the Kingman 911Center. Ours began at 4:30 am, and continued throughout the day into the evening and into the following morning. When it was all said and done, Pinion Pine firefighters responded to 13 Motor vehicle accidents ranging from minor injuries to ejections as other area fire departments responded to dozens of accidents on Interstate 40, Highway 93, Highway 68 and within the city limits.

On January 1, 2015 at 2:55 in the morning, crews were dispatched to Highway 93 near mile marker 114 (Wikieup, Az) for a semi accident off the road. Crews arrived on scene to find a semi on the shoulder with the driver still inside the vehicle. The patient was removed from the vehicle and transported to an area hospital by ground.

Crews would get little relief, shortly after returning to quarters, E513 was dispatched to Highway 93 near mile marker 106 for a vehicle rollover. Crews treated one patient for minor injuries and was transported by ground to an area hospital. At this time, multiple calls began coming into 911. Next stop, mile marker 126 on Highway 93 for a vehicle that rolled multiple times down an embankment, roughly 100 ft with one ejected occupant. Crews arrived and treated 2 patients, one flown to Phoenix by Careflight and one by ground. 

Firefighters responded to two more vehicle accidents and encountered multiple slide offs while returning to quarters. This winter storm is one for the history books. Some parts of Mohave County saw snow that hasn't seen snow in almost 30 years or more. Many routes in our area were severely impacted, causing the closure of Interstate 40 at the Highway 93 south junction, Hualapai Mtn Rd and DW Ranch Rd.

Story by Captain Ron Hood, Pinion Pine Fire District
Photos by Firefighter Brett Nailor, Pinion Pine Fire District