Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pinion Pine Fire District Receives the 2013 Andy Award

Kingman -

Fire Chief Joe Jackson and Captain Gail Jackson attended the 2013 Andy Award ceremony and annual dinner at the Powerhouse Visitors center in Kingman on Saturday, August 25, 2013. The Pinion Pine Fire District was nominated as a candidate for the annual Public Service Award given by the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce. The Pinion Pine Fire District is thrilled to announce that we were presented with the award which was given for service above and beyond the call of duty, for our efforts during the Dean Peak Fire which threatened our community. We were also recognized for the special events we provide for the citizens of our community.

Chief Joe Jackson receives the Andy Award on behalf of the Pinion Pine Fire District

This was not the only thing received last night during the ceremony, The Ericksen family, a resident of the district presented a banner to the Chief, thanking Pinion Pine Fire and the Northern Arizona Incident Management Team for our efforts. The banner was signed by many people from the within our district as well as community members outside. The idea was given to Tom Ericksen, by ten year old daughter Annabelle Ericksen who said something had to be done for the firefighters. Well Annabelle, it was a fantastic idea and we are proudly displaying the banner inside fire station No. 52.

Chief Jackson with Annabelle Erickson after receiving our banner

The Burak family also presented the firefighters with a banner which they brought to the fire station on August 18, 2013. The Burak family are also district residents and owners of the Hot Rod Cafe in Kingman. The Hot Rod Cafe donated sandwiches from their family restaurant to the firefighters battling the Dean Peak Fire in early July and their banner is also proudly being displayed inside Fire Station No. 52.

Ericksen family banner (top) and the Burak family banner (bottom)
We would like to thank the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce, the Burak family, the Ericksen family and most importantly the residents of our fire district and the community for all of the support YOU give us.

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