Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Late Night Semi Fire on Interstate 40

Interstate 40 -

On August 20, 2013 at 19:14 pm, Firefighters received an alarm for a commercial vehicle fire on Interstate 40 eastbound near the 77 mile marker which brought the response on 2 engines and 1 chief officer totaling 7 personnel. Crews arrived on scene, E511 deployed a CAFS attack line and began suppression on the tractor and front of the trailer. Once knockdown was accomplished, E521 crew made access to the rear of the trailer and began extinguishing and overhauling the load which was canned fruit. Crews were on scene for roughly 3 hours, no civilian or firefighter injuries were obtained. Both lanes of eastbound traffic were shut down for 30 minutes and were then reduced to the high speed lane for the remainder of the incident. The cause of the fire is unknown, both tractor and trailer were a complete loss.

Firefighters James Bevins and Robert Franks combating the flames


Article by Lt. Ron Hood, Pinion Pine Fire District
Photos by Capt. Gail Jackson, Firefighter James Bevins, Pinion Pine Fire District

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