Friday, May 17, 2013

Pinion Pine Firefighters Extinguish Motor Fire

Blake Ranch -

On May 16, 2013 around 5:30 PM, E511 and C501 were dispatched to the Petro Truck Center for a reported SUV on fire in the parking lot. C501 arrived on scene to find Petro employees had already knocked the fire down with extinguishers but the motor was still smoldering. Firefighters deployed a CAFS attack line and completely suppressed the fire. Upon investigation, it was determined a cut wire behind the motor was arching against the vehicle frame. Firefighters removed the battery cables and advised the owner of the wire failure.

Firefighters Heath Markley and Neal Raines pictured above shortly after the
fire was extinguished.

Shortly after units were placed back in service, E511 was dispatched back to the location for a possible rekindle. Upon arrival, firefighters found the SUV out of the parking space being towed by another vehicle. The owner stated he "placed the cables back on the battery to roll up the windows" which activated the fuel pump and power to the exposed wire which reignited the motor. Firefighters again suppressed the fire and cut the battery cables. Units were on scene for approximately one hour and no injuries were reported.
Article by Lt. Ron Hood
Photo by Capt. Gail Jackson

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