Monday, August 20, 2012

Interstate 40 Vehicle Accident

On August 19, 2012 at 12:34 PM, E526 and Chief 501 were dispatched to Interstate 40 near the 75 mile marker eastbound for a reported single vehicle rollover with three patients, one reported trapped. E526 arrived on scene and found a single vehicle rollover with heavy damage, resting on its roof. E526 crew began triage of patients to assess medical needs and priorities. Two patients, still in the vehicle initially complained of neck and back pain, the third patient had no initial complaints. E526 crew began stabilization of the two patients still in the vehicle.  The first patient in the vehicle was extricated and packaged for ground transport to an area hospital. The third patient was then packaged for transport by ground while the second patient was carefully extricated. Second patient was extricated from the rear of the vehicle and packaged for transport by Angel 6 to a Flagstaff hospital. The accident is under investigation by the Arizona Department of Public Safety but the driver stated that the semi trailer in front of them lost some tire debris, leading to the accident.

Engineer/EMT Chris Shaffer And FF/EMT Beau Jackson are
 seen packaging a patient.

Article Submitted by Engineer/EMT Chris Shaffer
Photo Submitted by Captain Gail Jackson

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