Monday, May 7, 2012

Firearms Spark 4.5 Acre Brushfire

On May 6, 2012 at 11:55 AM, an alarm was recieved for a brushfire 1/2 a mile north of milepost 4 on Hualapai Mtn Rd. E516 and C501 arrived on scene to find a 3.5 acre brush fire with a slow rate of spread and occasional single tree torching. Crews began cutting line and additional resources were requested. Kingman Fire Battalion 2, B246 and BLM  E3664 and E3665 were dispatched. At 3:31 PM the fire was transferred to BLM and all other units cleared the scene. The fire was held to 4.3 acres.

Single trees torching as the fire moves up the drainage
Bystanders on scene reported they were shooting firearms when one round sparked the fire, they tried to extinguish the fire with their water cooler but were unable to put it out. A 10-15 mph wind assisted in the growth of the fire in an area with scattered grass and brush. This incident is a reminder that the fuels in our area are dry and fire rapidly develops. Caution should be used when using firearms in an area that has fuels nearby, even bullets can start brushfire that can easily get out of control on windy days.

Chief Jackson and Firefighter Chris Braudaway cutting fireline

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